News For Nintendo 3DS Handheld Gaming

Nintendo's new juggernaut in the handheld industry (Nintendo 3DS) has now been confirmed for the U.S. release date of March 27, 2011 and is already receiving preorders . This product will become a pioneer in the 3D age of entertainment. Let us not get to carried away with excitement though, because the initial price tag will be $250 USD. While this is extremely expensive for a handheld, most believe the use of 3D gaming and movies without glasses will most definitely be worth it.

Initially the system will release in two different colors, aqua blue and cosmo black. The 3DS game system will have equipped: two cameras, gyro sensor, motion sensor, 3D depth slide, analog stick, SD card slot, 2GB SD card, enlarged top display 3D screen, and bottom touch screen. Also, the 3DS will be backwards compatible to play your old regular Nintendo DS games and even comes with its own charging cradle.

I can't speak for you but I believe the $250 price tag will definitely be worth it and I plan on getting on on the release date! Comment and let others know what you think of the Nintendo 3DS.